Gordon Smith Did He Know?

An idea has been formulating around my mind for the last few weeks and I have delayed bringing it up until I did my research in an effort to try and be as accurate as possible in this blog. Now, what I am about to share is in no way an allegation of fact but merely a sharing of a thought based on what is now being alleged of RFC regarding player contracts, and, also me looking into Gordon Smiths association with RFC since the year 2000 and seeing a possible link.

Just to set up the scene RFC, as we know, are being investigated regarding the use of EBT’s for their players since 1998 by HMRC. Also now being investigated by both the SPL and the SFA is the use of alleged so called second contracts that may relate to these EBT or “Off Shore” payments as they are also known. My question is what did Gordon Smith know about this if anything? Was he aware this was happening? I would present the following time line to support my questions:

June/July 2000 Kenny Miller signs for Rangers from Hibs. Gordon Smith was his representative during these negotiations and contract agreement.

June 2007 Gordon Smith is appointed Chief Executive of the SFA.

April 2010 The Guardian Newspaper reports that Rangers are under investigation by HMRC over “Off Shore” payments to their players (We now know that HMRC’s investigation is going back to 1998)

April 2010 Gordon Smith resigns as Chief Executive of the SFA due to “personal reasons”

It was widely reported at the time that the SFA were left reeling and stunned at the sudden departure of Gordon Smith from his post and did not see it coming. Along with personal reasons and family pressures other reasons were suggested also such as Mr. Smith had had several controversial run ins with member clubs over his involvement in things considered not to be within his remit for example, calling for extreme punishments for Robbie Winters over an alleged diving incident at the time.

What if it were something more? Was Gordon Smith running away from something that was potentially going to blow up in his face? Was he aware of the alleged issuing of second contracts at RFC that were linked to off shore payments for players. Did Kenny Miller have such an alleged contract and if so was Gordon Smith involved in the negotiation of that contract? Was this then a direct conflict of interest if this was the case and therefore such an investigation might highlight the fact that the current Chief Executive of the SFA had full knowledge of these alleged second contract practices that were a breach of the SFA and SPL rules of full disclosure? Would this have been an embarrassment for Mr.Smith if this came to light?

The sudden resignation of Gordon Smith from his role of SFA Chief Executive so close to the breaking of this story I think allows the question to be asked “What did you know Gordon?” As a players agent he would be involved in all contract negotiations and therefore if such payments where made to Kenny Miller, and it is a big if, was it ethically correct for him to take up the role as the SFA’s Chief Executive if any second contract in place had not been disclosed?

I am very surprised that I have seen nothing of this in the media now that Mr. Smith has gone from Rangers and the HMRC story is in full swing. I would have thought at the very least he would have been asked by our “Objective press” “Gordon, were you aware that this was going on or where you ever involved in any contract negotiations of this nature?”

I am merely thinking out loud and have no evidence to suggest that Gordon Smith was aware of anything and I stand to be corrected if this has appeared anywhere else and Gordon Smith has stated his case that he knew nothing. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has the answers!

11 Responses to Gordon Smith Did He Know?

  1. Arfurfuxake says:

    it smells the same as everything else involved with this rotten club

  2. Gilligan's Isthmus says:

    What pertinent questions have actually been asked by Jabba, Chico and the rest of the pack?
    Has The Wig, Minty or Campbell O, been doorstepped at all?

    • I would doubt it very much Gilligan. That would require our “objective press” being guilty of gamekeeper turned poacher! I honestly believe that by the end of this whole shocking episode of deceit and cover up by Scotland’s finest that a few editors will be having questions asked of them. There is not a single journalist that I can think of who has put his neck out there!.

      • lienad says:

        Alex Thompson refers to the Glasgow ‘objective press’ as sycophantic Glasgow journalists.
        He slates the likes of Hugh Keevens but gave him a get out clause by referring to ‘corporate governance’ which the sycophantic sports journalist jumpted on by saying I only do sports my workmates do corporate governance – who these guys are is yet to be established.

  3. Nobody Knows says:

    Interesting look at Gordon Smith possible involvement/knowledge of two contracts/EBT’s. May be a reason why he was employed by RFC, its another way of buying someones silence…

    • Yes, NK, there is the possibility that is the case, however to be fair to Smith, his view will be that during his role as agent to Kenny Miller, he will have done nothing wrong other than get the best deal for his client if KM was given any second contract. Any wrong doing will have been done by RFC. My problem is that if he was involved in the negotiation of any second contract that involved off shore payments, he had a duty of care to ensure he was whiter than Whyte (if you will pardon the pun) before taking up his role at the SFA.

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