“So that makes it ok then David?”

David Murray apologised today!

“I wish I’d never done the deal with Craig Whyte,” said Murray.

“I was primarily duped,” said Murray. “My advisers were duped, the bank was duped, the shareholders were duped. We’ve all been duped.”

He followed that up with the following;

“I’m not defending me – because I’ve made a huge mistake here.

“And I deeply regret, I deeply regret, selling the club to Craig Whyte now. Deeply.

“And if the information had been available to me at the time I wouldn’t have done it. I did it in good faith.

“Again, I can only apologise how this has turned out. And if I could turn the clock back, of course I would. There’s not much more I can say than that.”

Well..that makes it all ok then David!.

I have to say that I am astonished at Sir David Murray’s comments today (I read them in the Herald and on BBC Sports internet page) for two reasons. Firstly, I am astonished at the level of his admission. If he truly has been duped I am stunned at his “baring all” stance through these comments. Secondly, if he is being truthful, then what the hell happened Sir David? How the hell were you, the banks, the lawyers, your advisors and whoever else was involved in this whole sorry mess so easily hoodwinked into selling your club to this “Grifter” (another name for con artist).

If you are asking us all to believe that you truly were duped along with the rest of your team then this is the biggest con since Paul Newman and Robert Redford  stung Robert Shaw in the Sting! (Classic con movie from 1973 directed by George Roy Hill. Its worth a watch!)

I am sorry Sir David, but this just does not cut it. Alarm bells should have been going off during this whole process of due diligence with Craig Whyte. Remember, you had been trying to sell your shareholding for 4 years with no takers due the fact that no sane man with even the slightest element of business acumen would go anywhere near the deal you had on offer. Therefore it was clear for everyone else to see that this was an opportunity for you to bail out at the first opportunity regardless of what the intentions of the new owner were. Even your Co-Directors were telling you not to touch him. I have to ask why you did not trust men like Alistair Johnstone and Paul Murray, who you obviously had a close working relationship with, over someone like Craig Whyte who you knew nothing about. If you were genuinely looking after the best interests of the club then surely you would be listening to like minded others who had the best interest of the club at heart also?

This has been the biggest jump ship exercise since the Titanic hit the Iceberg and bugger the consequences. The Captain of that particular ship’s apology did not cut it either!

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