From “Succulent Lamb” to “Humble Pie”

The recent reporting of the problems at Rangers by Channel 4 have at last for me really exposed Rangers for what they have been over the last 25 years, never mind the arrogant and discriminating institute they have been for over 100 years before that.

Alex Thomson, the Channel 4 reporter delivered some damning evidence last week on the goings on at RFC as well as some damning evidence of how protective our so-called “Objective Press” have been towards RFC during David Murray’s reign at Ibrox.

Firstly lets look at the Channel 4 report and what it presented.  The EBT’s, which are  a medium through which loans were paid to Rangers employees, have never been repaid. This has been confirmed by a MIH source.  Secondly, evidence taken from a letter written by Martin Bain to then Chairman John McClelland shows that the EBT scheme was being abused to administer pay rises to Directors and employees of the football club. Channel 4 used quotes from the correspondence between Bain and McClelland such as;

“…any pay rise I got should be paid through the trust, obviously as a discretionary bonus as it cannot be contractual…” [Source: Channel 4 News]

“…my increase was to be non-contractual put through as a discretionary bonus as I do with players. Coaches and more recently John Greig.”

An open admission then that the EBT scheme was being used out with the terms of an Employee Benefit Trust scheme!. If this was not bad enough more evidence was presented to show that not only was it happening, they were aware they were doing something wrong as the next piece of presented evidence shows;

“at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred”

So, clear evidence then that there was wrong doing and prominent employees were actively trying to hide what they were doing.  This though is not the main theme of  my post today.

The title of my post today is taken from a quote from Alex Thomson himself who reported in his blog of the 24th of March his astonishment of the reaction of the Scottish press over his investigation into Rangers. I enclose an excerpt from his blog, which by the way you should read in full as it is an excellent piece of writing.

This was his comment in relation to the reaction from our “Objective Press”

What I didn’t expect were the insults (and in at least one case a direct physical threat) not from fans but from Scottish journalists.

Sarajevo, Mogadishu, Kabul, Islamabad, Tripoli, Baghdad…I could bore you with more – in none of these places have I ever got this interesting reaction from local journalists.

Only in Glasgow.

He goes on to report his discussion with other members of the press and their admission that there is something seriously wrong in the culture of reporting on things that relate to RFC. This was very clear during the “Succulent Lamb” years and David Murray’s control of not only RFC but also the Scottish Press. On reflection, when you now consider what has been happening with EBT’s and alleged non-payment of taxes during the lamb years, our “Objective Press” should be eating ” Humble Pie” from now on such has been their embarrassing and cringe worthy begging for the scraps at Murray’s table over the years. Out with what has been going on for the last 25 years, this same fraternity of brothers have also failed to provide strong reporting and condemnation of the failings of RFC in others areas of their daily operations, namely their arrogant and discrimination employment policies for over 100 years.

The eyes of the nation are on you, boys and girls of the Scottish media, as well as the eyes of the media outside of our little country. Questions are being asked of your reporting policies and instead of putting forward a strong case of denial, as has been the case for many years over your pathetic crawling to the establishment club in Scotland, the reaction has been to insult and threaten a man who dares to expose the truth. Where is your freedom of speech now I ask you?!

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