A Tribute to The Rangers Tax Case

Excellent piece RTC re A Permanent Embarrasment and an Occassional Disgrace. I have been away for a while and not kept myself up to date with whats been happening. Many Many Congratulations on the Orwell Prize. A truly deserved award for your efforts in showing up the failings of our “Objective Press” in Scotland, although I appreciate this was not your driving force behind the blog. It does remain however a stinging slap in the face for the many Scottish journalists, sporting and political, who failed in their duty to investigate and report on the serious and damning actions of the self proposed establishment club in Scotland, RFC.

I, like many others was motivated by your stand to open the laptop and blog about the goings on of RFC. As well as providing a platform for the nation to voice their thoughts on the shameful actions of RFC I think you also harnessed that voice and gave it momentum to the point that notice has been taken. The Orwell Prize is testimony to that achievement.

I would urge you to continue your campaign. The job is not yet finished. In fact if the events of the recent court findings that overturned the transfer embargo tell you anything, it tells you that RFC are viewed by many as untouchable and that they should be treated diferrently from other clubs or businesses who mismanage their financial affairs or operate in an alleged illegal manner. The job of ousting the cancerous root in Scottish Football that is RFC is only just beginning. Fair minded and honest fans and football clubs cannot sit back any longer and be subjected to the arrogant and dishonest actions of a club who in the last 20 years single handedly destroyed the development of home grown talent in Scotland which in turn has had an effect on the Scottish National team. Yes, Celtic, Hearts, Aberdeen and other clubs also brought in foreign players, however as you pointed out, they were playing catch up and trying to compete honestly against a club who were breaking not only finacial rules but the rules of fair play that make our game special.

In summary RTC, your voice needs to be stronger than ever now. You have the support of many thousands who read and contribute to this blog. Together we need to ensure that Uefa and Fifa hear and react to the collective call for action against an organisation that quite simply for the last 100 years never mind 20 years have looked upon the rest of the Scottish game with disdain and disrespect.

The only satisfactory result for this whole saga is for RFC to removed from the Scottish game altogether. Any punishment other than that will simply give licence to other clubs that it is ok to cheat not only the tax man but also, member clubs, creditors and the simple fan on the street who hands over their hard earned cash every week.