Time For Leadership at SFA & SPL

Time For Leadership at SFA & SPL

I read with interest this recent enclosed blog. My learned friend has for some time now published some interesting and very accurate information regarding the disgraceful mismanagement of Rangers and some of their Directors. In his most recent of blogs, (If you have not read it click on the link above) he shares with us some dialogue with Stewart Regan who quite clearly is dodging an issue which for me should be very straight forward. It is a simple question Stewart! What are the rules and what is the punishment for breaking those rules?

The more cynical among us would suggest that by avoiding answering this question, as he has done, that there are moves afoot to perhaps change these rules in order to limit the punishment due to Rangers Football Club (RFC) if they are found guilty of the alleged administering of second contracts for players. My question therefore would be why? What if this was say St. Mirren or Hibernian or Aberdeen? To my mind there would be no question or doubt in the applying of the rules for any of these clubs or any other club within the SPL. Mr Regan has drawn some unwelcome and inadvisable attention to himself by avoiding the questions put to him when it should have been as straight forward for him to answer simply what the rule is and what punishment applies. Instead he fumbles giving the impression that the rule will not apply to RFC. All we can do now is watch with interest and see what develops. I for one though expect to see another example of open bias for the country’s establishment club.

The Shame of RFC

Hi and welcome to my blog. As a passionate fan of Scottish football as a whole and a genuine lover of the game and what Scottish clubs have achieved in the game, I , like thousands of other football fans in Scotland, and around the world, feel betrayed at the behaviour of Rangers Football Club, who, through their own self promotion, claim to be the establishment and biggest club in Scotland.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging on the events happening at Rangers Football Club (RFC) and giving my thoughts and would welcome your participation and comments. 

I look forward to hearing from all of you. Happy reading!